Rainy Day Art Quilt

This art quilt has been a long time coming. Just over two years ago, I took this photo of my kids playing in the rain: They were having so much fun with their umbrellas and boots. Only when you are two and four are umbrellas and boots that exciting! 🙂

When I decided to make this moment into a quilt, I knew I wanted the umbrellas and boots to be the focal point, to really pop! I decided to emphasize them through my use of color and dyeing techniques. I hand dyed all of the fabric for the quilt and marbled to the fabric for the umbrellas and boots. I love how the marbled fabric has a swirly rain-spattered feel. Once all the fabric was dyed, I appliqued the people and umbrellas using raw-edge applique finished with a zig-zag stitch.I then thread sketched all the details on. I spent a lot of time working on and . Stitching the faces was probably the most challenging part of this quilt.Lastly, I quilted the rain and background into the quilt.

There you go, a rainy day captured in fabric.