Sunflower Art Quilt Process

Since I last posted about picking fabric for my sunflower art quilt, I have been busy! The sunflower is finally coming together. I cut out all the applique pieces and added a circular print to the background of the fabric. What to see my sunflower art quilt process?

After picking my colors, I enlarged the pattern I drafted and picked colors for the petals.

Sunflower – Pattern

Next, I made templates for all the pieces on parchment paper with a pencil. In general, the petals were a bit tricky – there were a lot!

Sunflower – Pattern

After ironing fusible to the back of my fabric, I transferred the pattern to my fabric by ironing the side of the parchment paper with pencil lines to the fabric. The pencils lines transferred and the paper peeled off.

Sunflower – transfer

So, I cut out a gazillions petals, trying to keep them all organized.

Sunflower Art Quilt – Petals

I laid my pattern under a silicon ironing sheet. (By the way, I love this thing for placing applique. I can see through it, and iron on it!) and placed all the petals, using the tip of the iron to tack them together. This took a lot longer than I expected. So many tiny pieces….

Sunflower Petals Tacked

Next, I cut out the center from my hand-dyed fabric. I wanted to sure to get exactly the color combo I like. To see what I was tracing, I made a reverse pattern where I could see the inside of the circle.

Sunflower – Center

Once I placed all the pieces on the fabric, the background popped too much for my liking. Even with free-motion stitching, it is going to be too bright for me.

Sunflower – Background

So, I used fabric paint to add a slightly darker green circular print. I will be posting a tutorial on how I printed my fabric next week.

Sunflower – Printed Fabric

I fused everything on, picked out my threads, and now I am ready to stitch!

SunFlower Art Quilt

To be continued….