Creating with Kids

Fabric Dyeing with Kids – Tips for Success

Three kids, three bowls of all purpose dye and a sunny day….a recipe for both fun and mess (the good kind!). Honestly, this not for the faint of heart.  Big bowls of dye sitting in the grass…so tempting for little hands.  But, fabric dyeing with kids has been on my summer list.  I dye a…

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Creating with Kids – Kids Travel Bag Set Tutorial

I sew stuff for my kids all the time- dress up clothes, stuffed animals, bean bags…. But, I usually decide what to make and just dump it in their lap when done.  Although they love and use a lot of my creations, they don’t get a lot of say in what they get.  For this…

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Sewing with Kids – Fusible Fabric Pillow

A sewing room is fraught with sharp and hot objects. Not exactly the most friendly of places for little ones.  But, I love planning a project to sew with preschool/kindergarten age kids once in a while. Not only do they get to try something new, but they get a taste of what I like to…

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Creating with Kids – Design your own t-shirt

Last week, my kindergartner came home from school, disappointed that I did not order her a shirt through school to wear at their 100 day-of-school party. “I will be the only kid without an outer space shirt!” she proclaimed. “Well, that is easily fixed.” I explained.  “You can design your own t-shirt, and we will…

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Kid-Made Spider Softies

Sewing with little kids can be tricky at time…scissors, needles, pins….not exactly “little kid-friendly.”  But these spider softies are 80% kid-made using tape, markers and safety scissors as sewing supplies ~ a great way to let kids, even as young as preschool age, “sew” their own softie. I love this project because it is really…

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5 Reasons to Sew and Create With Kids

A couple of weeks ago, I used a bit of my early morning “kids still sleeping” time  to carve a few rubber stamps to use in fabric printing.  Near the end of my stamp-carving, Abigail, my 5 year old, found me.  After I explained what I was doing, “Can I try?” was the next thing…

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